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What Is A Warrant For Arrest And How To Check For Arrest Warrants

If you don't know what a warrant for arrest is and how to find out if you have an arrest warrant then you could be storing up a lot of trouble for yourself with the police

A warrant for arrest may be issued if you fail to appear in court at any time when you should have done. You might have neglected to show proof of community service that you've done or failed to pay a fine.

If the police think that you've committed a crime and have sufficient evidence against you then they can apply to the court for a warrant for your arrest. Once a warrant has been issued against you the police will come looking to arrest you and take you to jail.

Don't ignore a warrant for arrest even if you don't know you have one

A warrant for arrest is something that you can't afford to ignore even if you didn't commit the crime. If the police arrest you then you'll end up in court and your record will show that you were arrested and returned on the warrant involuntarily. If the court thinks that the police had to track you down and drag you into court then they will be against you from the start even if you didn't know that the warrant existed.

Being arrested on arrest warrants that you didn't know that you have isn't as uncommon as you might think. You might have simply forgotten to pay a fine or picked up a speeding offence. You might even have been victim of criminal identity theft where someone else has committed a crime in your name.

Giving yourself up voluntarily is much better than being dragged into court

If you give yourself up voluntarily to the court on a warrant for arrest then you can expect to be treated very differently by the court. They will often be more sympathetic to your case and grant bail more easily. To do this you must be aware that you have a warrant in the first place so it's very important that you check for arrest warrants routinely.

Search for arrest warrants quickly and from the comfort of your home

You can check for arrest warrants easily and quickly by subscribing to an online service like the one mentioned in this article How do I check for arrest warrants. Alternatively you can check at the courthouse or ask a police officer neither of which are ideal solutions.

However you decide to check for warrants do it do it now and do it often. It could make a serious difference to your life one day.

How to find an arrest warrant online quickly, easy and fully confidential Check to see if you have a warrant for your arrest Find out how to do background checks on anyone you like

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