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Arrest Records

Arrests records are made and stored when a person is arrested. They are stored in the records of the police force or law enforcement agency that performed the arrest, and they are only kept temporarily. Details concerning the arrest will not usually be stored in a court, as many arrests do not result in cases being brought before a judge. The exception to this rule is when the arrest was as a result of a warrant issued by a court, in which case the arrest will be recorded to show that warrant is no longer active. Otherwise a person could be released without charge only to be immediately rearrested!

They do not constitute criminal record because at this point the person in question has not been found guilty of any crime. These records are made public so that interested parties can no that the person in question has been arrested.

By interested parties I do not mean any person who has a morbid fascination with arrests. In actual fact this is done so that family members or friends of the arrested party can know where they are and make appropriate arrangements, such as posting bail. Additionally, it can be reassuring to the victims of crime to know that a person has been arrested. And of course, the press is always interested to know about this sort of thing.

As anyone who has had to deal with different official organisations in different states and counties will tell you, each organisation has its own way of doing things. When it comes to arrests records this is no different. Each county, city and state will make the arrest files available to the public in a different format. These days most of them do publish this information on Web sites so that people can check it out over the Internet, but they do so in different ways. For instance, some sites make the information available in the form of PDF files which are updated each week.

Other sites make the information available is a searchable database. And yet other sites will send out Microsoft Word documents with the information concerning the latest arrests.

So as you can see, there is a wide range of different arrest records produced are made available in a different range of formats from different websites and organisations.

The problem this poses to us when we want to do a search through the arrest records is a matter of complexity. With all these different sites to remember, and all these different formats to handle, it can become very confusing when you are looking for information about an arrest for instance, what would you do if you are searching for information about the person who was arrested, but you do not know where they were arrested? You have no choice but to systematically searched all the difference sites into you found a match.

Also, remember what I said about the records being temporary? When some cases, the information will be only published on the website for one or two weeks, before being deleted. That means if you miss the information within this time period, too bad!

If you are searching for a missing person, the first thing you'd want to do is check the arrests records, because that is often a good way of locating a transient person. However, as you can see this is made very difficult because of the way the information is presented.

Luckily, there is a website of which is run by a third party company which makes it easy to search for arrests records. It gathers together all the information from every single county, city and stay in the entire country and put into a single database which you can quickly and easily search. Also, it cross-references all this information with court records and other public records to provide you with a complete package of information concerning the person you're looking for.

I am sure you will see how this'll make it much easier for you when you're searching for arrest records.

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